Stella's Rescue Story

StellaMom In May of 2016, an 18 year old girl came home and said, "I want a skunk!"
One day in 2016 she surprised her family by coming home with a baby skunk.
Almost two wonderful years went by as Stella went everywhere with her
mother; Even being hidden in the dorm   Trees
while her mother went to school. They  
loved each other with a special bond  
between a human and fur kid.  
Some skunks have more than one life.  
This particular skunk, named Stella,  
sure had an angel on her shoulders one  
sunny day.  
In Dec of 2017, Stella and her mom were   MoreTrees
driving on a road that was 10,000 feet in elevation. Stella's mom was not  
wearing a seat belt, but Stella was snug in her pet carrier and  
her cushy round bed.  
All of a sudden the car traveled off the left side of the road, went airborne,  
over the cliff and down a steep embankment.  
"The vehicle collided with several trees and a large rock," the State Patrol said in a crash  
bulletin. "The vehicle then rolled one time and came to rest on its wheels facing east."  
Stella's mom was killed on impact. As the State patrol looked around the car, he missed   PoliceLine
something. Another person came along and looked in the car and saw a carrier. Stella  
was found huddled in her carrier, scared, all banged up and wanted her mommy. She  
had heard her mommy screaming and knew something bad had happened. 
Stella was whisked away to a State-owned animal care facility. Never knowing what  
happened to her mother. Stella, being scared and wanting her mama, her soft touch, to  
hear her laughter, will never have closure in her heart about what happened to her mama. 
Car1 Car2 Car3
You See Stella lived in an illegal
state; and the state then
confiscated her. Due to human
interest and the family losing their
daughter, the state did not
euthanize Stella. A state with a
heart! Instead, she was kept at
the State Animal facility
until a home was found for her.
The family found a home in
a nearby state. A few months went
by with too many excuses from
the new owners. The new home fell through. Time was running out for Stella. A cry for help went out on the internet
that the skunk would be euthanized if a home was not found soon. The cry for help was sent by a member of
SkunkHaven's Facebook Group to the main SkunkHaven Team.
Carry   As news hit SkunkHaven, without a second thought, a member of SkunkHaven  
  contacted the family to see if they needed any help. It was told there was only one  
  state Stella was allowed in. SkunkHaven jumped into action and sent messages and  
  calls. Within hours a good, loving home was found. The family was grateful for the  
  help they got from SkunkHaven. The new owner was so excited. A few weeks went  
  by, and then another call came into SkunkHaven for help. The state in question  
  DENIED Stella to entry. The new owners' hearts were broken. Quick thinking and an  
  offer to the parents were extended. SkunkHaven permits were forwarded. It was  
  then presented to the state holding Stella. That state then contacted the next state  
  to see if Stella would be allowed in.  
MyBed Tic Tock! The waiting game begins to see if the next state would allow Stella in. Several days  
passed. SkunkHaven's "Plan A" failed for the first state, now there is new "Plan B." If that state  
would not allow Stella in, we came up with a "Plan C" and a "Plan D!" ANYTHING TO SAVE  
Tic Tock! After two days, the second state granted entry. A big, GoodRep
deep sigh of relief came over everyone. Now comes the chore  
Carrier2 of getting Stella to the airport. The state facility was four hours  
away and we needed to be there to drop her off at 4:30am. The  
caregiver drove three hours and spent the night at a family  
member. At the airport, as the caregiver said his goodbyes to  
Stella, a chapter closed and another chapter has opened for her  
life. Stella safely landed at the airport. She met her new human 
companion and away they went to her new home. Stella will  
take some time adjusting to her new home.  
She will always remember and love her original Mom. Stella's new BuckleSign
life began on April 27th, 2018. Scared and timid, missing her mom, it has taken the love of  
her new family to show her love, encouragement and patience as she has had to learn that is  
OK to come out of her safe place and learn to love a new family. She is finding new friends  
and new adventures. It was a journey that it is safe to say not many skunks would have  
survived, but Stella had an angel in that carrier with her that day. We are certain her mom is  
Snuggle Back STILL her angel with her to  
this day. We will continue  
to see what encounters she  
can get into in her new  
home with her new family.  
We like to believe her mom  
approves of the new family  
and has helped Stella settle  
into her new home.  
The family had a road sign made and placed at the crash site. A purple cross was placed at the crash site as well.
Please, ALWAYS remember to wear your seat belt and drive safely.The life you save may be your own and that of your loved ones. 
For Stella, there was a happy ending. Although she lost herloving mom to tragic accident,through the kindness of a state agency 
with a heart and the diligence of members of SkunkHaven who worked tirelessly to bring Stella to a safe home,  
she is now able to romp and play again with the love a new family.  
SkunkHaven is ALWAYS here to help anyone and everyone with your questions and concerns with your skunk 24 / 7 / 365 no matter
what it may be. We are just a phone call away. Don't wait until a small concern becomes an emergency.
Call us for help.

This story was writtenby SkunkHaven and cannot be copied or reproduced in any way or form, in full or in part. Story was written with permission from the family to be shown to the public. Pictures were used with permission from the family and cannot be copied or reproduced in any way or form, in full or in part.