Sponsor-A-Skunk Program

You can help provide care and treatment when you Sponsor-A-Skunk.

When you contribute to Sponsor-A-Skunk you help skunks that require daily or costly medical treatments or special care. For those who cannot adopt a skunk into their home, Sponsor-A-Skunk gives you a chance to provide care for one of our long-term resident skunks.

We pay for the best veterinary care available, but those costs do add up. A vet visit costs $45.00, full blood work costs $130.00 or more, X-rays costs $120.00 or more, and other tests can be even more expensive. In addition, operations or dental may cost $120.00 to $1000.00 per skunk.

Dietary supplements and medications add even more to the costs for care and treatment.

Just $10 a month helps to pay for food, medical treatments, and other necessities. You can help by sending $60 for a six month term, or $120 for a one year term, to sponsor one of the rescue skunks. In addition, you may consider a Lifetime Sponsorship at $1000.

In addition, sponsors may donate toys, blankets, or other items for the exclusive use of the skunk sponsored.

If you wish to contribute you can send your check to Skunk Haven™ or send to our PayPal account (see below).

Note the skunk you wish to sponsor and include your current mailing address and phone number. If you want more information about Sponsor-A-Skunk or a specific skunk please contact us.


Stella ♥ Female

Rescued ♥

Read about Stella's Story here

Dixie ♥ Female

Rescued ♥

Dixie was bought at an auction. Her tail was bit off at the tip and infected. In addition, her foot was infected. She is two pounds of mini joy. Money helps pay for her food and any medical bills she has while at Skunk Haven.

Luna ♥ Female

Rescued ♥

Luna's owner had issues at the home and had to give her up. Owner agreement to stay at Skunk Haven.

Fred ♥ Male

Rescued ♥

Fred was left at Skunk Haven to baby sit him while owner went on a vacation. Owner decided she did not want him anymore and left him there. Help Sponsor Fred's extended stay at Skunk Haven.

Paco ♥ Male

Rescued ♥

Paco came to us due to owner was sick and had to move to an illegal state. Her skunks reside at Skunk Haven. Paco has an back injury which has a monthly cost of supplements to help him. Please give the back support that Paco needs at Skunk Haven.

Layota ♥ Female

Rescued ♥

Latoya came to us due to her sassy temperment issues she has. Money helps with the care of this little fiestysty one! Please Help fund our sassy Layota.

Cricket ♥ Female

Rescued ♥

Cricket came to Skunk Haven at 8 years old. Cricket's owner went into the hospital and left her skunk in her home. A Skunk Haven Rep picked her up to bring her to Skunk Haven. Cricket's owner now resides in a nursing home where she cannot have a pet skunk. Please Help fund for the care of Cricket.

Willie ♥ Male

Rescued ♥

Willie was bought and the owner soon realized she was allergec to him. Then he went into a second home where it did not work out. He was transported to Skunk Haven where he will live out his life.

Minion ♥ Male ♥

Minion owner divorced and had to give him up.

Hank ♥ Male ♥

Hank has been given up twice in one year.

Additional Stories

Skunkers (Deceased) - This skunk was taken out of the wild as an orphan. The family thought they were doing something good to save this skunk. At the age of 1.5 years old she got burned very badly from a home radiator. The family did not provide the proper care nor did they get vet care to save this skunk. She suffered terribly for almost two weeks with the burning pain and infection setting in. The diameter of the burn was over 5 inches around and she was under weight at three pounds. She was signed over to Skunk Haven, a licensed wild life rehabilitator. We rushed her to a vet: Dr. H. S. Sodiwal, DVM at Rolling Hills Animal Hospital located at 714 Pearl Rd., Brunswick, OH 44212 where he preformed surgery. (The ex-owners refused to help pay). She then went to Lisa's home (Lisa cares for the wild side of Skunk Haven and is on their rehab permit) and was given 24/7 care due to how severe the burn was. She would spray continually, bite, scream and would not eat. She was setadated and given many antibiotics along with honey wraps to draw out the infection from her burning skin. We were dealing with a fully loaded skunk, she was malnourished, had a burn through her leg, had an infection, was not eating, not spayed, was self mutilating, not walking, and had bone problems. After a month she was moved to Skunk Haven where her care was continued. Finally her screaming and self mutilating stopped. She was given many herbs for healing the body from within, had colloidal silver sprayed on the burn along with Epsom salt and/or Betadine soaks to her wound every day. Finally after three months she started to stand and walk. Every day she continues to get stronger.

Due to laws if a wild animal is non-releasable they are to be put down, unless they are used by a licensed facility for educational purposes. SkunkHaven was granted permission to retain Skunkers to be used as an ambassador to teach the public the pitfalls of taking in wild animals.


If you would like to donate (see below).

Rest in Peace

Eventually there comes a time when we lose our long term residents to age or their ailment.


Born 2002 ♥ Rescued 2003 ♥ Deceased 2013


female ♥ Born 2009 ♥ Rescued 2013 ♥ at 4.5 years old ♥ Deceased


Male ♥ Born 2004 ♥ Deceased 2013


Born 2007 ♥ Rescued 2011 ♥ Deceased 2013

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Female ♥ Born 2005? ♥ Rescued 2007 ♥ Deceased 2013

Winkie ♥ Male ♥ ♥ Deceased

Send your payment to:

Skunk Haven
P.O. Box 201
Avon Lake, OH 44012-0201

Or pay with PayPal:

U$60 6 Month Term Sponsor -
U$120 12 Month Term Sponsor -
U$1000 Lifetime Sponsor -
General Support -

When paying by PayPal you will be contacted via e-mail to identify the skunk you wish to sponsor.

If you would like to donate directly to medical bills and/or research efforts you can send donations to SkunkHaven™ or you can purchase a Gift Certificate for Skunk Haven™ from our vet's office:

Avon Lake Animal Clinic
Attn: Dr. Frank Krupka / SKUNKS
124 Miller Road
Avon Lake, OH 44012

Gift Certficates will be used for skunks at our rescue and will free up money for other rescue efforts and medical problems with needy skunks throughout the U.S.

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